Adhar Devi Temple

Adhar Devi Temple


temple of the Almighty Goddess MAA ARBUDA. Situated on a dormant volcano, Maa katyani named arbuda devi resides on a hilly range of aravallis in the shadow of peaks of the hill station Mount Abu. The feeling of blessings being showered on the pilgrims do attract them toward the enumerating auspicious temple where all the sorrows and sadness is vanished and what remains is pleasure, joy and the feel of happiness.



The temple of goddess Durga is wrapped in a mythological tale narrating that it is 5500 years old. The holy “Granths”also mention that it is a place where the Adhar of  Maa Durga fell and hence it has derived its present name Ahar devi. When the 52 pieces of the goddess fell on the ground the lips of the goddess fell here and so the Shaktipeeth was formed making the place holy and sacred. People also believe that the image of holy goddess is hanging in “mid air”. The blessings make the people feel alive and redefine their lives.



A person who visits here believes in insane pilgrim hood and devotion towards the almighty goddess. People on various occasions walk or drives just to visualize to goddesses power and everlasting blessings which endorses their lives with fresh beliefs.



To fight all the difficulties and get rid of the griefs, all the pilgrims and the local people of Mount abu worship the holy goddess on the 9 days of NAVRATRI, as it is  said to be the best time to gain devotion of the goddess. Various PUJAS are done to please devi maa and on the night of Asthami, a havan is organized which is done by holy saints who grandeur the celebrations.



– The cave temple is located inside a rocky cleave and a person has to crawl and enter the temple.

– The carved approx 365 stairs on the stone has to be climbed to reach the temple. People do feel tired and obsessed but pilgrimage with no limits give them power to climb all the stairs.

– The Majestic mountains, scenic beauty and the hilly ranges do attract a lot of tourists and tempt them to click a perfect photograph.


Important information:

– Timings: 5:00am to 8:00pm

– The aarti timings differ in summer and winter.

BY ROAD:The enthusiastic ranges of Aravalli lend the cool weather on the road which comes directly to the footsteps of the goddess.

The energetic pandits and sevaks do arrange food and night stay for the pilgrims in the rooms the holy shrine.


Additional Information

DURATION:(based on your will to worship)
-If you are an old man it may take you 30 minutes.

-A young person with strong devotion may take 15 minutes to worship the temple.


Things to do

-To watch the clever, jumping monkeys aside the stairs.

-To drink the mouth watering buttermilk sold by the “Sapha Walas” and “Rajasthani bindnis”.

-To listen and buy the CD’s and ornaments sold by the shopkeepers.

PARKING: Limited parking near the stairs of the temple.

-All the four wheeler are parked few meters away ,from where you could just walk and warm up ur legs before accomplishing the task of climbing the 365 stairs.




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