Sunset Point

Sunset Point

Sunset point, Mount Abu Overview

A destination is not complete without a Sunset point, and Mount Abu isn’t an exception. The outlandish view of the rugged Aravali ranges, sunkissed by the radiating rays of the setting sun is what draws scores of tourists to this picturesque location near the famous Nakki Lake.The Sunset Point in Mount Abu is frequented by nature lovers who revel in the setting rays of the sun. This is a perfect picnic spot as one can admire the magic of the coloured sky as the sun sets, painted in hues of red and orange, contrary to the rich greenery of the Aravali Ranges in the background.

The climate makes it favourable to enjoy the sunset from Mount Abu Sunset Point in peace without any of the pressure and noise of the city. Bailey’s Walk nearby offers pony rides, famous among visiting tourists and kids. Tourists also prefer to come out here early in order to get an undisturbed and clear view.Some visitors even bring a blanket along with a few munchies, making it the most picturesque picnic setting in Mount Abu. A wide range of marble statues, sandalwood idols and wooden toys can be¬†bought from the temporary stalls set up here. The Sunset Point in Mount Abu is protected by railings and has staircases built for the people to sit and soak in the tranquillity.

How To Reach Mount Abu Sunset Point

The Sunset Point is located 2 km away from the famous Nakki Lake in Mount Abu. One can either hire a taxi or rent a motorbike to reach this location, found at the end of Sunset Point Road.
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